A Comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Program is what You Need!

When an individual is suffering from both substance abuse and a mental health condition, the illness is referred to as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. One example of a co-occurring disorder could be an addiction to opiates while also suffering from anxiety.

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The Mental Health Disorders and Addiction Connection

There are several reasons why addiction and mental illness are regularly linked. Some of the more common examples include:

Onset of symptoms: For some, abusing drugs and/or alcohol causes the onset of mental health symptoms that may have been suppressed for some time, while others become stressed or depressed due to their continuing drug use.


Mental Health Disorders Commonly Associated With Addiction

Some examples of drug addictions and mental health disorders that are commonly linked include:

Depression: Depression causes individuals to feel hopeless, sad, and helpless. It is most common with those suffering from depression to engage in alcohol abuse.

Anxiety: Anxiety describes the feeling of being nervous, on edge, or constantly stressed, normally at a greater level than is appropriate given the situation. This condition typically causes one to use opiates in order to ease symptoms of the condition.



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