Overdose Antidote: Life after Near-Death

Posted: December 22, 2015 by

bottle of naloxone and a syringe


It’s been a year since U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the lifesaving overdose antidote called Naloxone or popularly known by its brand name “Narcan”. As it becomes more broadly available statewide, there is a great expanded availability of treatment as reported by Los Angeles Times.

Narcan or Naloxoneis is an antidote for opiate overdose. Opioids are known as heroin and prescription pain killers such as morphine, oxycodone, codeine, Vicodine and methadone. People experiencing overdose in opioids often slows or stops breathing and makes it hard to wake them up from this state. Narcan comes to the scenario then, reversing the effects of opioid overdose by blocking the effects of opioids. Narcans does not get the user high. Individuals not experiencing opioid overdose or even took a pill of any of the drugs will not have any effect on the person if Narcan is taken.

This invented antidote was usually used by paramedics, caregivers, police or addicts themselves. A single dose can rapidly reverse the effects of opioids such as heroin. Narcan has actually been long used by medical personnel. Recently, New York became one among the many states to get heroin antidotes to regular people. Not only then that police, medical personnel and drug addicts can possess this antidote. It’ll be useful especially to families, couples or elders having a case of misuse with opioid drugs. The effectiveness of the antidote brings right away a person under near-death experience to life. New York as the latest state, Washington D.C. and fifteen other states make the lifesaving drug available to everyone who’s willing to be disciplined to use it. Family and friends of addicts are also given kits with Narcan in it in case of emergency.

Overdosing in opioids and taking Narcan will knock out opiate receptors in the brain. With the dose of Narcan, an individual should begin to breathe normally and will make it easier to wake them. Not immediately treating opioid overdose can lead to death for when in overdose, the difficulty to breathe will occur and the brain will experience lack of oxygen leading the person to its death bed. With Narcan, it will only take less than five minutes to treat the heroin overdose. Narcan is applied to an individual by injecting the antidote to the muscular arm or spraying the device into the nose.

With the rising statistics of deaths in overdose in many states, Naloxone seemed to be the answer to reducing the risk of opioid overdose. Ohio, being the one of the many states with a surge in opioid or heroin abuse, made the antidote available for use to anyone who has someone to assist in a risk of experiencing opioid overdose saving their lives from the dangers of death.

Treating heroine other opioid drug abuse is the advocacy of heroine antidote. Saving lives is their priority instead of crime. Three to four percent is likely to be addicted at any moment now, and more lives come at stakes. The single antidote can bring back lost lives. People’s continuous support to the program notes that saving lives is their goal. Narcan is the answer to life in the midst of the widespread disease.

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