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Relapse is when a person returns to drug and/or alcohol abuse after a period of sobriety. Addicted individuals typically resume to their former substance abuse if they are unable to cope with stress, temptations, and other life challenges after their rehabilitation stay. Drug Rehab Oklahoma City helps clients avoid the onset of cravings by employing time-tested and clinically approved methods of relapse prevention and aftercare.


Statistics of Relapse

The probability an addicted individual will return to substance abuse mostly depends on the substance used. For instance, according to Everyday Health, the rate of relapse after an opiate addiction, such as morphine, heroin, or hydrocodone, is as high as 85 percent. On the other hand, alcohol addiction ranges from 30 to 70 percent.


Recognizing When Sobriety is at Risk

Returning to former drug or alcohol abuse usually happens in three stages: emotional, mental, and physical. Rehabilitation treatment programs such as Drug Rehab Oklahoma City strongly focus on the education of triggers and how to effectively manage stressful situations. Ideally, clients will be able to identify early warning signs and take swift action to address the problem before progressing to later phases of relapse.

Emotional Relapse

During this stage, an individual is not yet at the point where they are considering using drugs or alcohol again. However, he or she is apt to feel discouraged with the recovery process and may be falling back into the emotional state that caused them to use drugs and/or alcohol to begin with. Some of the more common behaviors and outlooks exhibited in this phase include discontinuing aftercare, isolation, and experiencing feelings of resentfulness, anger, and depression.